Cumberland County 4-H Horse Programs

The New Jersey 4-H Horse Program is among the most active 4-H program areas. 4-H youth that become involved in the horse project learn about all aspects of the horse industry through horse and horse-less activities and events. These include but are not limited to:

  • Care and maintenance of horses and horse facilities
  • Anatomy and physiology of horses
  • Showing rules and regulations
  • Breeding procedures and above all else general horse safety and exercising appropriate judgment around horses

The horse project of the Cumberland County 4-H program prides itself on being highly active in NJ state 4-H horse events. These include the NJ State 4-H Horse Show and the NJ State Competitive Trail Ride.
You do not have to be in a 4-H horse club, own a horse or even ride a horse to participate in NJ 4-H horse club. Our 4-H horse clubs offer many horse-less activities and events for people who love horses but do not own one. These events include:

Equine Presentations | Horse Bowl | Horse Judging | Hippology | 4-H Equine Arts Show

These programs feature activities that provide our members an opportunity to enjoy and learn about the animals. Often horse clubs will take field trips to various horse barns, training facilities, race tracks, and horse shows to expand 4-H member’s understanding of the scope of the professional horse industry.


NJ Equine Horse Show Training Video Part 1

NJ Equine Horse Show Training Video Part 2

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