Poultry Pride

Poultry Pride 4-H ClubHaving poultry and taking care of them is fun and egg-citing. It teaches children responsibility and respect for animals and nature. The people you will meet while you are a member of the club, and of 4-H as a whole, will enrich your life.
The friends you make here, you will be friends with for life. Members acquire the skills for all aspects of the care and feeding of their flock. They learn about the incredible eggs, and obtain expertise in breeding and the hatching of young. They gain knowledge related to the general characteristics of poultry and about different breeds specifically. They attain the proficiency to show their own backyard flock. They take field trips to farms, hatcheries, and private breeders. They achieve entrepreneurship from the sale of eggs. They learn to work as a team and how to labor independently.

They build confidence through sharing of information and build self-esteem through attendance at other county wide 4-H events, such as:

  1. 4H Mall Expo
  2. The Pumpkin/Scarecrow contest
  3. The Talent Show
  4. The Public Speaking Show
  5. The Favorite Food Show
  6. The Fashion Review
  7. They work all year for the biggest event of the year: The Cumberland County Fair. At the Cumberland County Fair, we are able to exhibit our birds, which we are so proud to have cared for all year. We can display our achievements and be proud to have met the goals we have set. We get to spend time with our 4-H friends from many different clubs, and share in their experiences and accomplishments, too.

If you are in Kindergarten to one year out of high school, and if you have poultry or even if you don’t, if you are interested in poultry, come check us out. We meet the 4th Tuesday of the Month in the 4-H Building on Morton Ave. in Rosenhayen, (or the 3rd Tuesday of the month, in the 4-H Cente). Call the 4-H Center at 856-451-2800 ext. 3 for more information.