Cumberland County 4-H Small Animal Programs

Cumberland County 4-H Small Animal Club Information.

Cumberland County 4-H Dog Programs

Cumberland County 4-H dog clubs teach members to help their pet dog become a perfect member of the family. Youth learn basic skills for dog care and training. Activities include knowing breeds, selecting a dog, knowing the parts of a dog, keeping a dog healthy and groomed, training and much more.

Additionally, 4-H members may explore more about dog health, nutrition, and care, genetic problems, population control, showmanship, training, ethics and budgeting. As they advance, 4-H dog club members have the opportunity to investigate topics such as: responsible breeding, diseases, caring for geriatric dogs, training, service dogs, dog roles and careers related to dogs.

Objectives for 4-H youth in dog clubs includes learning how to:
Train dogs - Groom, fit and show dogs - Care for dogs - Appreciate dog’s place and roles in society - Select the right dog for their family and lifestyle - Identify breeds - Explore dog-related careers - Investigate dog related activities.

The National 4-H Curriculum provides guidance through their materials, for more information:
Our Cumberland County 4-H Dog Clubs are:

  • Tailwagers

  • Pawshakers

  • Bow Wow

  • Performance Dogs

Rabbits and Small Animals

4-H clubs focusing on rabbits and small animals are among the most popular in Cumberland County. In a 4-H rabbit club you'll begin by learning basic skills such as identifying parts, determining sex, practicing handling, trimming nails and other management practices. As you progress you'll learn to identify breeds, handle and show rabbits, identify equipment, recognize a healthy rabbit, read a pedigree and kindle a litter. Eventually you may learn to judge rabbits, tattoo a rabbit, keep records, identify diseases, administer medication, record growth rates and market products. Our clubs have developed their own methods and programs for teaching youth about rabbits, however they do refer to the National 4-H Curriculum as well,

Aside from all the rabbit knowledge you'll develop, you'll meet new friends and have fun too! Our rabbit clubs plan and participate in many different activities. Our Cumberland County 4-H Rabbit Clubs are:

  • Bunny Brigade
  • Hair Raisers

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Rabbit Small Animal Health Check 101

Cumberland County 4-H Bee Program

Cumberland County 4-H Bee Program

Cumberland County 4-H Herpetology Program

4-H Herpetology Program